Why the Toronto Raptors inspire me on the court - and off of it - Medium

Toronto is alight with celebrations this week. Millions flooded the streets after the Raptors' NBA Championship win on Thursday, and then again on Monday for the victory parade. Throughout the weekend, honking horns, joyful shouts, and hugging strangers were commonplace. I've never seen the city so elated, so inspired.

Recession-Proofing 101: How Charities Can Guard Against A Volatile Economy

It was like a little tremor that warns you the earthquake is coming. In the days before last Christmas, the stock market took an unexpected tumble, dragging holiday donations down with it. In the midst of peak giving season, charitable contributions plummeted by 6% -- the biggest drop since the Great Recession.

How young people can help end child labor

When he was just 12, Craig Kielburger began working to end child labor. Now, he wants youth around the world to join the fight.

Two teachers who helped their kids start a movement | Canadian Living

When 12-year-old Craig Kielburger first made headlines as the kid speaking out against the atrocities of child labour, he had a unique advantage - supportive parents who believed in his cause. Fred and Theresa Kielburger were determined to give their children advantages they'd never had.

Sustainable Travel: It's Not Just About the Environment

The Getaway A look at tours and programs that address the impact travelers have on the communities they visit. The term "sustainable travel" has a green glow to it, connoting eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility. But the human side of sustainability, as defined by the World Tourism Organization, addresses community impact, both social and economic, and is newly gaining traction among travel companies.

Craig Kielburger: Queer Eye's Kamaro Brown talks fatherhood

My son is nearly two years old. I'll celebrate my second Father's Day as a dad this month, so I've been thinking a lot about the need to redefine old-school ideas about manhood. Seventy-nine per cent of new dads reported [...]

Craig Kielburger: Changing Maasai manhood

Culture commentators are worried that "the rules have changed" for men. We're fairly certain the "rules" are the same - be a decent person, respect others - though public accountability has never been greater. If men taking responsibility for their actions is causing a collective identity crisis, we do need to change the rules for raising boys.

Global Voices: Newcomers are biggest givers, so welcome them

When it comes to charitable giving, who are the most generous Canadians? If you guessed baby boomers, try again. It's not age-related. Maybe the people of Newfoundland, with their big East Coast hearts? Still no cigar. The most generous Canadians are immigrants. Our newest Canadians contribute the most.

'WEconomy,' where profits meet purpose

Craig Kielburger, "WEconomy" co-author and WE Charity co-founder, and Holly Branson, "WEconomy" co-author, explain how corporations and individuals can boost their bottom line while still making a positive impact.

Toronto-based charity WE planning major downtown expansion with entrepreneurship centre | The Star

WE is scaling up in a major way - the Toronto-based charity is investing about $30 million to build a high-tech facility boasting a slate of programs geared toward grooming the fledgling concepts of socially conscious young entrepreneurs.

Craig Kielburger: One man can change the world He was reaching for the comics one morning when he stumbled upon a tragic story, a 12-year-old, Iqbal Masih, has been killed on speaking about child labor rights. This was the fuel that started the fire of Free the Children. Craig Kielburger, 32, co-founder of Free The Children and We Day, was 12-years-old when...

Kielburgers: Are your habits harming reef life?

In most of Canada, spring is still a myth. So Canadians face the annual dilemma: hibernate through the final weeks of ice and snow, or escape to a tropical beach? Either way, water should be on our minds.

Seat Of Power Episode 5: Craig Kielburger On Helping Young People Change The World

Craig Kielberger knows the power of harnessing the energy and spirit of children to help change the world--because he started to do so as a child himself. Tune into our latest episode of Seat of Power with the WE cofounder and influential activist.

Parkland activists, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and others celebrate youth making an impact in ABC special

From eradicating hunger and homelessness to improving literacy rates, youth can make a positive impact. That's the message behind the We Movement - a collection of organizations that empower students and their families to get involved with causes that matter most.

Uniworld's New Cruise On India's Ganges River Emphasizes Local Interaction, Wellness

River cruising nowadays goes far beyond the Rhine and Danube, to areas that are mostly unexplored -- featuring authentic local experiences. Here's one of the most interesting examples I've found for cruisers looking for something more: Uniworld is offering its first-ever dedicated wellness cruise along the Ganges in India, new 12-day sailings throughout 2019.

WE Co-Founder Marc Kielburger On Mentors, Mandela, And Spurring Social Change At 17

In 2015, I had a life-changing experience when I went to Kenya with WE Villages and saw firsthand how the charity transforms lives in the Masai Mara. That trip inspired me to form a partnership with WE, so employees at could have the same experience and become inspired to make social change at home.

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