Craig Kielburger


The Beginning

Craig Kielburger realized at a young age that an individual, even a 12-year-old, has the power to change the world. After reading about a boy his age in Pakistan who was murdered after speaking out against child labor, he and his brother Marc committed themselves to the effort to stop child labor, organizing a project called Free the Children. This initiative grew into a lifelong commitment to effecting positive change around the world and eventually led to the WE Movement.

“If you give kids the inspiration and tools to change the world , it will change their own lives in the process.”

Craig Kielburger

Get Inspired

Craig Kielburger has been motivating people around the globe to realize that they have the power to be engines of change for good in the world. He is a powerful speaker and author who actively and persuasively encourages youth and adults to make a positive impact on both their own local communities and remote ones elsewhere through WE Movement.

WE makes doing good, doable

About WE Movement

WE Movement is a global effort by young people, educators, health professionals, and community leaders united by a vision of creating a better world. WE Movement empowers people to create positive social change in their own communities and around the world through WE Schools, WE Families, WE Villages, WE Well-Being, WE Day, and ME to WE.

Transform Your Perspective

Craig Kielburger is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, social entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author who inspires people to empower themselves to make a significant positive impact on the world.  


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