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Since his first appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show when he was 16, Craig Kielburger has been inspiring audiences worldwide to get involved in their own communities and to change the world. A much sought-after speaker, Kielburger’s stories of what young people are capable of achieving when they are equipped with the tools to be agents of change have inspired thousands to join the global WE Movement effort.

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Canadian youth speak out about Black History Month.

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

How to write about Black History Month when, to be blunt, we’re two white guys?
We had to recognize that we are coming from a position of privilege, that there’s a history of lived experience that is not our experience.

Can Mobile Mental Health Apps Turn Your Life Around?

JANUARY 31, 2019

The world can look grim through the window of a smartphone screen. At its worst, the Internet is a stream of depressing headlines, cyberbullies, trolls and political rants—and our data plans keep us constantly connected. One mental health author recently referred to smartphones as “nightmare rectangles.”

Think Global, Act Local: What Canadians Can Do About Their Fury at Social Injustice in the News

NOVEMBER 5, 2018

Canadians are appalled at stories of migrant children torn from their parents in the United States, asking ourselves what to do from up North. With no vote to leverage, we don’t have much influence over American policymakers. But we can look in the mirror, and recognize Canada isn’t blameless.

Craig Kielburger age 13

Craig Kielburger:
How young people can help to end child labor

August 28, 2019
I've been told it takes a village to raise a child, but in my 24 years as a children's rights activist, I've learned the opposite is true too. Sometimesit takes a child to raise a village or to take down an injustice. Twenty-four years later, the WE Movement is over 4 million strong, a global network of students and teachers in 16,000 schools across Canada, the US and the UK.


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Craig Kielburger is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, social entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author who inspires people to empower themselves to make a significant positive impact on the world.  

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